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About Us

Not just another Natural Deodorant, SmellMeNot deodorants protect you thru the most intense workout. It has been put to the TEST and you won't be disappointed.

We Choose Only The Best Essential Oils

Keeping it Clean and Honest

When you're not a big company, you have no need to cut corners. Before I started my company, I've researched the highest quality products in the U.S.A and the world and I only selected the most pure and high-quality and effective. I am constantly researching and developing my products. I spend a great amount of time innovating and creating new and BETTER products.

I am my most critical customer.

Angel R. Rodriguez, Owner


Every Single time i work out or mountain bike hard for 15-30 miles, i check for odor under my armpits and I'm always amazed how there is NO SMELL

Angel Rodriguez,San Antonio,TX.

We didn't expect the usage to be so good as far as it's staying power, the comfort, the skin taking it in, IT HAS BEEN A NICE CHANGE.

Silvia De Luna- San Antonio, TX.

Thank you SOOOOOO much for the deodorant. it's literally the BEST IVE EVER USED. Works all day, i think it's actually healing my eczema, and it smells sooooo good. honestly the best best gift ever. Thank you thank you thank you!!

BLU FERNANDEZ - Long Beach, California

I could spend HOURS in the STUDIO, and still SMELL & FEEL FRESH, thanks to SMELLMENOT.COM

Ayesha Fuller

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