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Black Toenail Fungus killer !! 

Organic & Natural way of Killing Toenail Fungus.  THAT REALLY WORKS !!

NO TOXIC DRUGS, NO Poisonious harmful chemicals that could affect your good gut bacteria. Only Natural Organic means of Killing Fungus.

  • Treats fungus in and under nails
  • Safely heals discolored nails
  • Restores nails natural color
  • Restore dry brittle discolored nails
  • Heal damaged skin around nail

Homeopathic medicines known to have a pronounced anti-fungal effect with healing essential oils to provide skin regenerative properties, start seeing results within a week. 

Ingredients: Aloe Vera, GSE (grapeseed extract), Clove E.O, Lavender E.O, Citronella E.O , Teatree E.O,  Oregano E.O, Hempseed Oil, Coconut Oil, Tamanu E.O, Nano full spectrum Colloidal Silver, DMSO. 

Anyone who suffers from ToeNail Fungus will so appreciate this blend that took plenty of research and high quality ingredients to create. 

Safe for kids too.